Answering your questions about custom home building

You may have questions about our expertise, our process, our advantages, and our results. We’re happy to answer any of them. Following are the questions we’re asked most frequently. Contact us if there’s a question of yours we haven’t answered.

No, we also build cost-effective homes that are still made with our high-quality standards but may not have high-end finishes. If you're looking for a well-built, solid home that's energy-efficient but you don't see value in the "fancy things," like gold plated faucets or decorative features, no problem, we can help you out. We won't be the price of a volume builder or the one-person truck and a hammer operation, but that is because we are still maintaining our high quality from planning to execution. Quality is affordable!

Yes. We’re always eager to work with new clients. Please contact us about making your custom home dreams real.

Usually the pre-construction planning phase (including design and 3D modeling) takes three to six months. Once we break ground, construction takes six to eight months before client possession.

Generally, building projects within a 1.5 hour radius of Lacombe/Ponoka incur no additional travel charges. Travel charges for locations beyond that are determined on a per project basis.

Our caring, collaborative process begins with an introductory meeting where we explore your vision for your dream home and you learn about us. Next comes an extensive pre-construction planning phase that includes 3D modeling and selection of finishes. Once the details are worked out in this planning phase, we begin building. After final quality checks, you take possession of your dream home.

Because there is more to an energy efficient home than just the walls, the cost needs to be compared to the whole home as a single entity. Our research shows that the cost of a quality-built ICE panel home is approximately 10-15% more than a conventional wood and concrete build.

Because each Vleeming design is uniquely customized and tailored to individual dreams, the cost-per-square-foot method does not work. We are happy to consult with you on your specific project requirements through an introductory meeting. When we know more about what you want, we can advise on approximate budget expectations.

We do not carry an inventory of lots. However, we have connections with some great developments and can aid in your search for the perfect lot for your dream home.

Yes. Because we build differently and more proactively, it is more efficient and practical for us to do the design work.

Comparing the cost of a custom home between builders, is like comparing Apples to Broccoli. It takes more than a picture (plans) to know what they're made of. Purchasing a custom-built home is not the same as buying a new TV where you can go from one store to the next, see the same TV and make an effective price cross-comparison. Every builder has a different way of building and has individual quality standards. So yes, we can use the plans you have already established as a starting point for our detailed Pre-Construction planning process. Just like hiring a Designer to design the home, you now hire a consultant (Vleeming) to plan the build for the remainder of the Pre-Construction planning process you have already started and invested into.

Still Have Questions?

We know we can’t answer everything here, so please contact us with your custom home building questions.