Energy efficient Custom Homes - Net Zero Living & Passive House

We turn your vision of net zero living into an exceptional, energy-efficient, custom home design. We are known throughout Central Alberta for creating unique, quality-crafted homes that last through generations.

Energy efficient

Energy Efficient Techniques

Collaborative 3D Planning

Collaborative 3D Planning

Net Zero Materials

Net Zero Materials

Exceptional quality makes a house feel like “home”

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    Select innovative materials that improve durability and reduce maintenance & monthly costs for generations to come

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    Design custom highly detailed plans with 3D modeling that helps you envision the finished living spaces.

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    Provide easy collaboration and project tracking through our 24-7 portal

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    Supply highly skilled tradespeople who are paid well to bring your dream to life

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    Deliver a masterpiece that exceeds your expectations

Home Interior

When you build with Vleeming, you’ll have a masterpiece that lasts for generations.

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Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency experts

We have experience with ICE and ICF construction and expertise in the systems and components needed for comfort and efficiency.



Committed to your net zero goals

We collaborate with you to bring your dreams of net zero living to life.


Strong long-lasting

Quality construction

Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that your home is comfortable and energy efficient for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

The R-value of ICE panel construction is 25 to 42. For ICF the R-value is R20 and up. These compare very favorably to wood and concrete’s R-value of 16. That being said, these numbers mentioned are not the Effective R-values. Effective R-values take in account how the entire system preforms as a whole, unlike traditional R-values that only takes into account the isolating material in question.

Yes, we do. We’ve built several homes using ICF.

Because there is more to an energy efficient home than just the walls, the cost needs to be compared to the whole home as a single entity. Our research shows that the cost of a quality-built ICE panel home is approximately 10-15% more than a conventional wood and concrete build.

Because each Vleeming design is uniquely customized and tailored to individual dreams, the cost-per-square-foot method does not work. We are happy to consult with you on your specific project requirements through an introductory meeting. When we know more about what you want, we can advise on approximate budget expectations.

Comparing the cost of a custom home between builders, is like comparing Apples to Broccoli. It takes more than a picture (plans) to know what they're made of. Purchasing a custom-built home is not the same as buying a new TV where you can go from one store to the next, see the same TV and make an effective price cross-comparison. Every builder has a different way of building and has individual quality standards. So yes, we can use the plans you have already established as a starting point for our detailed Pre-Construction planning process. Just like hiring a Designer to design the home, you now hire a consultant (Vleeming) to plan the build for the remainder of the Pre-Construction planning process you have already started and invested into.


"I would not hesitate to recommend Vleeming Construction as a very high quality builder. We are so pleased with our home and have never loved a home as much as this one. We feel like he managed to capture everything we wanted. This is a home we will love for a long, long time and have peace of mind knowing it was built to stand the test of time. There is a saying, 'They sure don’t build them like that anymore.' Well, Carlo does. He provides quality and craftsmanship that just doesn’t exist in the industry in this day and age."

Russ & Christine Lilja

"Throughout the construction process, Carlo was extremely helpful and worked diligently to ensure that the build progressed on time and held the trades subcontracted to a high standard. The team at Vleeming Construction was also great to work with. Carlo employs people with integrity who take pride in their work and their attention to detail stands out in the final product. Carlo and his team have delivered a property that we truly love. I would not hesitate to provide my business to Vleeming Construction again in the future and would highly recommend their services."

Ryan Boyd

"Just have to say that from our first meeting at your office last fall, we were impressed by your passion for building homes. We knew that we had selected the right builder. No detail was too small or overlooked. Any questions we had were answered openly and honestly without hesitation, we learned a lot. They were all a pleasure to deal with and we enjoyed talking to them about their trade. The project came in on time and budget. If we ever decide to build again, we would with out hesitation come back to Vleeming Construction."

Steve & Lynn Campbell

"From design to construction to completion, working with Carlo, Jessica, and the Vleeming Team made for a low-stress build. We highly recommend Vleeming Construction as your builder. There are always little things that come up, but working with the Vleeming team, we were always able to sit and discuss what we wanted and what was practical to come up with the right path forward. We are very happy with the quality of the build on our home. We highly recommend Vleeming Construction as your builder. If we were ever to build again, or our kids end up building in this area, it would definitely be with Vleeming Construction. Thank you to Carlo, Jessica, and the Vleeming Team for our home."

Fred and Barb

What does your energy-efficient home look like?

Vleeming is ready to start exploring your vision with you.