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ICE Panels for Home Building

When it comes to constructing a home that stands the test of time, Vleeming’s preferred building method involves harnessing the remarkable capabilities of Greenstone Building Products’ ICE Panels. ICE Panels represent a revolutionary approach to building, serving as the framing, insulation, and vapor barrier of your home’s building envelope. These panels are ingeniously engineered, combining Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and steel stud framing to create a robust, high-performance building solution.

A Foundation Built to Last Generations

ICE Panels are not just a building material; they’re a testament to longevity. These panels are a fusion of two independent structural frames expertly bonded together with EPS. The result is an exceptionally durable building envelope that eliminates thermal bridging. This innovative construction approach ensures that your home’s structural integrity remains uncompromised for generations to come.

The Advantages of ICE Panels

Carlo Vleeming, owner and project manager at Vleeming Custom Homes, highlights the numerous advantages of ICE Panels. These advantages include:

High Insulation Values: ICE Panels provide insulation that surpasses conventional methods, ensuring your home remains comfortable and energy-efficient year-round.

Airtight Construction: Achieving an airtight building envelope is crucial for energy efficiency and indoor air quality. ICE Panels excel in this regard.

Better Air Quality: With reduced potential for drafts and moisture infiltration, ICE Panels contribute to healthier indoor air.

Less Construction Waste: Minimizing waste during the construction process is a responsible and environmentally conscious choice. ICE Panels align with these sustainability goals.

100% Recyclable: ICE Panels can be recycled, underscoring their commitment to environmental responsibility.

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Versatile Applications

ICE Panels aren’t just limited to the traditional walls of your home. Depending on your terrain and specific requirements, these panels can be employed for various purposes, including:

Home’s Foundation: ICE Panels are an excellent choice for the foundation, providing outstanding durability and insulation.

Basement Floors: Utilize ICE Panels to ensure your basement is comfortable, energy-efficient, and free from moisture issues.

Above-Grade Walls: Enjoy the benefits of airtight and well-insulated above-grade walls that contribute to energy savings.

Roof Structure: ICE Panels extend their advantages to your home’s roof, offering a versatile and eco-friendly roofing solution.

Breaking the Thermal Bridge

Traditional wood-framed walls often suffer from a significant drawback: the presence of a “thermal bridge” along each stud, plate, and header. This allows hot or cold elements to infiltrate your home, compromising comfort and energy efficiency. In stark contrast, ICE Panels provide a 100% thermal break, effectively preventing these thermal bridges. Depending on the thickness of the ICE Panels used, they can deliver impressive R-values ranging from 24 to 42. To put this in perspective, conventional wood-framed homes with 2×6 walls and studs placed 16″ on center offer effective R-values of only 16.5. In line with the National Building Code for Alberta, an Effective R-value of 17.5 (for zone 7a) is mandated for all above-ground framed walls.

Choosing ICE Panels for your home’s construction means investing in a sustainable, energy-efficient, and durable future. These panels are not just building materials; they are the foundation of a healthier, more comfortable, and eco-conscious living space.

Published October 6, 2022. Updated January 19, 2024.

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