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Building With ICE Panels

One of Vleeming’s preferred building methods is using Greenstone Building Products’ ICE Panels. ICE Panels are the framing, insulation, and vapor barrier of your home’s building envelope. ICE Panels are an engineered combination of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and steel stud framing. The panels use two independent structural frames bonded together with EPS to create a strong, durable building envelope with no thermal bridging and a life cycle that will last generations.  

Carlo Vleeming states that some of the advantages to using Greenstone ICE Panels include high insulation values, airtight construction, better air quality, less construction waste, and the fact that they are 100% recyclable. Depending on terrain and other factors, ICE Panels can also be used as your home’s foundation, the basement floor, above grade walls and even its roof structure.   

In a traditional wood-framed wall, a “thermal bridge” is present along each stud, plate, and header which allows hot or cold elements to enter your home. Vleeming prefers using ICE Panels because they provide a 100% thermal break and R-values of 24 to 42, depending on Panel thickness used. In comparison, conventional wood-framed homes with 2×6 walls and studs 16” on center offer effective R-values of only 16.5. The National Building Code (for Alberta) requires an Effective R-value of 17.5 (for zone 7a) for all above ground framed walls. 

Published October 6, 2022

ICE Panels or Wood Framing

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