ICE Panels to maximize energy efficiency

ICE (Insulated Composite Envelope) Panel construction uses pre-made Panels with an engineered combination of EPS insulation and galvanized steel. These panels are manufactured to eliminate thermal bridging, ensuring optimal energy efficiency and structural integrity for your home.

Built to last. Thermal Efficiency

Building a Net Zero home with ICE panels


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  1. R-Value: The R-value of ICE Panels can vary depending on the thickness and type of insulation used in the Panels but typically range from R-22 to R-43. ICE Panels provide significant thermal resistance and energy efficiency.
  2. Construction Method: Pre-made panels are manufactured off-site in a controlled environment. Once fabrication is complete, the panels are transported to the construction site where they are assembled according to the design and layout for the home.
  3. Materials: The primary materials used in ICE Panel construction include EPS insulation, graphite-infused expanded polystyrene (GPS), and galvanized steel studs. GPS, with its graphite infusion, enhances the emissivity of the EPS material, resulting in improved energy efficiency and superior R-values compared to standard EPS insulation.

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Streamlined Construction

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ICE Panels are prefabricated off-site and transported and assembled on-site. This streamlined construction process can help reduce construction time, labor costs, and material waste compared to traditional construction methods. Additionally, the controlled manufacturing environment of ICE Panels ensures high quality and consistency, further contributing to the efficiency of the construction process.

Thermal Efficiency

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ICE Panel construction boasts exceptional thermal efficiency owing to its insulation materials and construction design. The panels are typically constructed with high-quality insulation materials, minimizing heat transfer and maintaining consistent indoor temperatures. This thermal efficiency helps reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling, resulting in lower utility bills and improved comfort for occupants throughout the year.

Quality & Strength

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ICE Panel construction is distinguished by its high quality and strength, with panels crafted from durable materials such as galvanized steel and EPS insulation. These materials guarantee structural integrity and resilience against diverse environmental elements, like wind and fire. Moreover, the precise manufacturing process of ICE Panels ensures uniformity and consistency, resulting in dependable and sturdy building structures that adhere to rigorous quality standards.

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